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  • Home Front Military Network Salutes Our Youngest Heroes 
    April is the month of the military child Spend just a few minutes with a military child of any age and you’ll understand the true meaning of “freedom isn’t free.” Here is what some of these truly remarkable children say about the blessings and challenges of their lives. “It is what it is and makesContinue reading “Home Front Military Network Salutes Our Youngest Heroes “
  • 2021–A Year in Review
    In the final months of the year, HFMN would like to take a moment to reflect on the achievements, challenges and successes of 2021. Similar but different to 2020, Home Front Military Network staff continued to work mostly from home—capitalizing on unique ways to stay engaged and reach our community and those in need. SinceContinue reading “2021–A Year in Review”
  • Honoring the Brave in 2021
    Home Front Military Network recently held its 5th Annual Honoring the Brave Breakfast—and it was a day to put down in the books! Early that December morning, nearly 700 military members, veterans, retirees, partner agencies, elected officials at all levels, and community members gathered at The Broadmoor International Center for the event. Twelve HMFN partnerContinue reading “Honoring the Brave in 2021”
  • Homes for Veterans
    As the weather gets colder and the days grow shorter, we’re reminded of those who don’t have access to secure housing. Homelessness, is more dynamic than it seems and can be present in a myriad of ways. Couch surfing, living in a hotel, moving from shelter to shelter, camping under a bridge—all are accurate representationsContinue reading “Homes for Veterans”
  • Together for Mental Health
    September is Suicide Prevention Month, and in an effort to promote awareness regarding this very relevant issue, we’re highlighting two of our partners–Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center and Headstrong. Mt. Carmel offers wellness and employment services to veterans and their families, and Headstrong is known for their military/veteran-specific mental health support groups, counseling and more.Continue reading “Together for Mental Health”

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